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What is event marketing?

Event marketing uses an event or a series of events to focus the attention of your target market right where you want it - directly on your business.

Creating and hosting an event builds a tangible experience for your customer that differentiates you from the competition and helps build a personal relationship. From an unforgettable product launch to a customer appreciation dinner, event marketing quickly generates buzz around your business and stimulates sales.

Event marketing is one of the most successful “grassroots marketing” techniques – it provides an opportunity to introduce customers to your brand without using traditional “big-bucks” techniques such as advertising.

Have an amazing new product or retail/restaurant space? What better way than to show it off at a party for the community with a unique theme.

Is your product sure to wow your audience? Why not host a preview or launch event to get people talking?


Why does my business need event marketing?

For small and mid-size businesses without a large budget, an event is often the most efficient way to quickly generate buzz about your company. A memorable event quickly introduces a large number of people to your business, and provides you an opportunity to showcase your product and services.

Launching a business or new brand? Need to boost sales?

An event is one of the most effective strategies to quickly and powerfully generate new sales leads and increase awareness of your company. Hosting an event of any caliber or style gives your audience and customers a reason to acquaint themselves with your business and establishes the beginning of a long-term relationship.


What will Jet-Set Marketing do for my company?

Jet-Set Marketing specializes in creating memorable and innovative event experiences for your customers and the community.

Have you decided that you would like to host an event, but don’t know where to begin?

We manage each and every step from the planning phases through executing the actual event. Jet-Set handles the entire process, from generating themes to coordinating logistics to handling the community invite list and RSVP’s.

If you already have an event in mind, but want to be sure that it leaves your customers talking, we can create innovative ideas from decorations to entertainment to invitations to ensure that your event will make a lasting impact with your guests.


Jet-Set's Event Services:

  • New Store / Product Launch
  • Media Parties
  • Product Sampling
  • Mall Events
  • Local Events & Festivals
  • Trade Show Representation































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